"Thank you for the wonderful Mindful Yoga and Meditation classes on Tuesdays- you put so much into them and you're a fantastic teacher.  I struck Yoga Teacher Gold when I found you!"

Kate, Pebmarsh

"A marvellous Mindful Yoga class last week.  Your method, approach, content, atmosphere at the Granary, and the professionalism is great.  I particulary think you are gifted in your oral repartee, referencing visual imagery;  wings of a swan, a turtle's shell, latin dancing hands. This visual imagery assists in the method of learning. I have never been to such a good yoga class." 
Amanda, Bury, England
"I can not tell you how much I adored the retreat at Domaine Des Mathieux, a mix of french romance and heart, earthy religion and pushing the boundaries physically and emotionally. I have always thought you prepare the lessons like a feast which makes it sumptuous."
Natasha, Sudbury, England
"Thank you for a fabulous 10 days at the Barberyn, Sri Lanka.  Life changing.  Loved the variety of yoga and meditation practices and the link to well-being.  The yoga was fabulous. I can't wait to get home and continue. I can't thank you enough, helping me to make changes in my life."

Jane, Sydney, Australia




"Thank you Daphne, I came out of yoga last night feeling as though I were floating on a cloud!  Just what I needed.  See you next week."

Catherine, Lamarsh, England





"The teacher was helpful and considerate of my conditions, and what is most important, is so much positive energy, received each day! "

​Helena, Prague, Czech Republic 




"Thank you for renewing my interest in yoga."

​ Clare, Boxford, England


"I just want to say thank you for tonight's Hatha Yoga Flow class. I have come home and my body feels different;  more specifically my back feels released from some grip that has held it tight for years and years.  I can open my chest and my shoulders are back without effort.  I am sitting straighter and standing taller.  My son, who is a PE teacher noticed it immediately.  I actually feel quite emotional! I'm not sure if it was due to a specific asana or the combination of twists and I'll be interested to see how I feel tomorrow....I knew when I started yoga last September that it was special but now I am totally hooked.  Thank you for a great class and see you next week." 

Trudy, Clare Suffolk, England


"Le retraite a Sri Lanka s'acheve...je te remercie pour la patience attionnee et delicate, le douceaur de ton regard, envers une debutante.  La retraite s'acheve...Au fond du coeur je te remercie pour m'avoir permis cette prise de conscience, parceque toute est toujours possible."

France, Cahors, France


"I don't want to be without it.  The Mindfulness Meditation class relieves tension.  You feel lighter.  My neurologist confirmed the meditation practices I am learning are good for managing my Epilepsy."
Susan, Sudbury, England
"I've learned some good breathing practices, some simple exercises that I can practice anywhere and include these in my daily schedule. "

Helena, Prague, Czech Republic

"I can now start doing yoga at home for my health and well-being. I've just ordered my own bolster and yoga strap."

Fran,  Queensland, Australia

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