Daphne McCartney-Williams of abcTooKitYoga, seen left in the turquoise helmet climbing on a rock ledge in the Dolomites, loves mountains and scaling a precipice.   She is a British Wheel of Yoga trained and certified diploma teacher of hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation.  As a published author contributing articles to OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine and Spectrum, the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) members UK quarterly publication, she enjoys sharing her knowledge to help others along the journey. 


With a BA in Philosophy, her Buddhism studies are a natural fit and the enjoyment of the arts led her to complete an MA in the History of Art from the Unversity of Chicago.  As part of a celebration of 'Arts in the Garden' on behalf of the Society of Garden Designers UK, she created images to demonstrate the yamas and niyamas in gardening, as a backdrop to an open evening yoga class held in the Asian Art Gallery of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. 


Before her 17 years of adult yoga instruction, she studied for 7 years with Iyengar teachers in Boston.   A traveler, she spent 2 months backpacking in India on her honeymoon, with a week at an ashram on the Ganges and a week camping and hiking the high Himalayas, the seat of yoga.  Based in the UK for the last 20 years, she previously lived and worked in France, Ireland, Italy, USA and Mexico.  Practical by nature though spiritual in aspiration, her experience of going through ovarian cancer treatment with the support of Tibetan Buddhist practices and recovery at the Barberyn Ayurvedic Resort,  Sri Lanka, gives her first hand experience of how to turn an obstacle into an opportunity, and reverse the way you see it!

British Wheel of Yoga BWY
Celebrating 50 years as the UK's pre-eminent organisation for training and support of yoga. The BWY promotes safe, healthy and professional teaching and practice of yoga.  Daphne completed her diploma certification in 2005 and continues professional development in specialty areas;   pranayama, Shamatha and Vipyasana Meditation as well as Tibetan healing exercises or Kum Nye.
Barberyn Resorts Sri Lanka 
Wellness and health resorts, the Barberyn shares Ayurvedic healing techniques with the world. The practices of Yoga, Tai Chi  and Meditation are perfect complements to the treatments. All share the aim of resorting balance and calm in mind and body by aiding de-toxification, and bolstering energy.
OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine/OM Yoga Show London
A monthly publication with a wide readership of teachers and students.   Om Yoga show is an annual exhibition in London to display the diversity of yoga styles and schools, and promote yoga in the UK.
Spectrum Magazine, BWY Members' Quarterly Publication
Daphne has contributed articles to the magazine and artwork for the cover of the publication.

Invented by a physiotherapist to treat athletes, this is a self-healing tool for everyday usage, to target arches and pains in myofacial tissues.  Daphne assists Dr Cohen, the Canadian inventor,  with demonstrations of the Acuball at the Om Yoga Show London.  She attended several workshops and tested the Acuball for alleviating 'gardener's back' on herself, and now is a consultant, recommending the tool.
abc ToolKitYoga Workbook
A 40 page Workbook to support your home practice.  Asana, pranayama, meditation practices specified to meet your needs on the day.  Created by Daphne for students to support retreat or weekly class learning.
Bury & West Suffolk Magazine Monthy Publication
An article by Daphne ' Mindfulness Meditation, living life without rose coloured glasses', March 2016.


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