On-Line Classes

Do On-Line classes offer the same benefits as live classes? Try a Free Taster Class to find out.                     Students testimonials  from June/July 2020 suggest on-line classes are effective. 

"Just to say I have been anxious and not relaxed for weeks now, I feel asleep 3 times in last night's session! It is certainly curing my insomnia. So forgive me if similar happens in the future, but really it is a great compliment to you." Abigail Meditation & Relaxation Class Tuesdays 7:30PM

Loved last night's Restorative Yoga class, woke up this morning and could actually walk and not do my old man shuffle until the Achilles tendon stretched". Peter Restorative / Yin Yoga Class Mondays 7:30PM

"I find the breathing and relaxation amazing- and am sleeping in a more comfortable position and not getting the neck ache I often have. Maybe because I am more relaxed when I drop off to sleep." Annie Meditation & Relaxation Class Tuesdays 7:30PM

"Today a singing pupil came for a lesson, having suffered badly from Covid.  I took her slowly through some of your breathing exercises and she recognised a couple of them from the hospital's breathing therapy notes.  We will incorporate these into our more singing-related exercises. " Stephen, professional performer & singing teacher. Breathing for Health Class, Tuesdays 10AM 

"I'm really enjoying the Chair Class, and feel great benefit from the exercises already, though I'm a bit creaky and stiff, and the lovely calm sense of clearing blockages and the energy rush is something I'd forgotten from yoga 20 years ago. I shall continue the class with great pleasure. So many of the visualisations and exercises in energy and chakra work ring lots of bells."    Melinda Comfy Chair Yoga, Mondays 10AM & Hot Seat Chair Yoga, Tuesdays 6:15PM


Tools for living life fully everyday for everyone

abc ToolKitYoga is a yoga system for boosting energy, to help you feel vibrant and take charge of your life.  Practices assist you to heal, repair and renew. As yoga has numerous benefits,  you can select the tool that is right for your challenge.  As well as local yoga classes in Sudbury we offer retreats around the world. From beginners to experts, there are levels of asana, pranayama and meditation that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.  Asana, pranayama and meditation used together are a powerful combination - your toolkit to, find balance, build strength, remind us to stay grounded, remove toxins, cleanse, repair and restore the body by targeting problem areas. Yoga is a lifestyle, learn the tools and use them frequently.

The Yoga ToolKit


Find your balance - the middle path.  Asana balance postures are the outside form that helps us focus inwardly and see more clearly to bring balance back to our lives.


Life brings bumps. By using these tools, you can face your problem or illness, and uncover a means to overcome and restore peace of mind.

Discover your strength in adversity.  Pranayama can divert the mind from problems and establish equilibrium. Meditation offers a sense of calm and well-being, done daily, it supports all efforts to enhance your life.


Yoga may seem esoteric but in fact is highly practical,  offering many ways to heal and enhance everyday life. Yoga helps you stay grounded in order to face challenges.

Help cleanse the body of toxins using asanas and pranayama. Dust away the cobwebs in the mind to allow for brighter moods. Twist the belly to rid the body of detritus.


All athletes get injured eventually.  Yoga offers systems to target injury to assist recovery.  Perhaps a torn muscle, back problem, or lack of proper breath capacity  holds you back:  yoga offers tools to enhance the breath and repair physical health. 

During or after illness, gentle restorative asana helps speed up healing. Finding time for slowing down, introduces more energy to live fully.

Speciality Work 

Targeting problem areas such as lower back pain, neck pain, tight chest, or anxiety /panic attacks, all these problems, can be remedied with specific solutions.

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