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abc ToolKitYoga is a yoga system for boosting energy, to help you feel vibrant and take charge of your life.  Practices assist you to heal, repair and renew. As yoga has numerous benefits,  you can select the tool that is right for your challenge.  As well as local yoga classes in Sudbury we offer retreats around the world. From beginners to experts, there are levels of asana, pranayama and meditation that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.  Asana, pranayama and meditation used together are a powerful combination - your toolkit to, find balance, build strength, remind us to stay grounded, remove toxins, cleanse, repair and restore the body by targeting problem areas. Yoga is a lifestyle, learn the tools and use them frequently.

The Yoga ToolKit


Find your balance - the middle path.  Asana balance postures are the outside form that helps us focus inwardly and see more clearly to bring balance back to our lives.


Discover your strength in adversity.  Pranayama can divert the mind from problems and establish equilibrium. Meditation offers a sense of calm and well-being, done daily, it supports all efforts to enhance your life.


Help cleanse the body of toxins using asanas and pranayama. Dust away the cobwebs in the mind to allow for brighter moods. Twist the belly to rid the body of detritus.


During or after illness, gentle restorative asana helps speed up healing. Finding time for slowing down, introduces more energy to live fully.


Life brings bumps. By using these tools, you can face your problem or illness, and uncover a means to overcome and restore peace of mind.


Yoga may seem esoteric but in fact is highly practical,  offering many ways to heal and enhance everyday life. Yoga helps you stay grounded in order to face challenges.


All athletes get injured eventually.  Yoga offers systems to target injury to assist recovery.  Perhaps a torn muscle, back problem, or lack of proper breath capacity  holds you back:  yoga offers tools to enhance the breath and repair physical health. 

Speciality Work 

Targeting problem areas such as lower back pain, neck pain, tight chest, or anxiety /panic attacks, all these problems, can be remedied with specific solutions.

What do I have to do to receive the Benefits of Yoga?

Scale the heights, search and find the best.  We are all in this journey together.  With the proper kit, everything is possible.   Every yoga practice lists benefits and contra-indications.  Yoga is a self-healing toolkit  you can take charge of. The practices are straight forward and relatively simple.  To receive the benefit, learn the methods first, with the guidance of an experienced teacher.  You will know when you have found the right one. Daily practice at home is the most effective approach.  A little bit, done the way forward. 



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